How We Grow
How We Grow

Organic fruit production uses a minimal number of approved natural products for the control of both disease and pests. Careful monitoring is carried out using weather stations so that only targeted approved applications are made when absolutely necessary.

Soil Quality

We use seaweed and natural plant extracts to improve leaf and soil quality, potassium Bi-carbonate (baking Soda) to protect the fruit and foliage from disease.

Pest Control

We use natural predators and cultural techniques and habitat management for the control of aphids and other crop damaging insects.

Soil Fertility

Soil fertility is maintained by the use of clover grass leys, mowing and mulching with cuttings and where necessary the addition of natural composted manure and approved organic fertilisers.

Weed Control

Our weed control is generally achieved by mowing and mulching, together with appropriately timed cultivation.

Ethical and Sustainable Long-Term Fruit Farming

Conservation and bio-diversity are essential tools in organic production systems.

Therefore, as many areas as possible around our farm are managed exclusively for wildlife and flora and fauna to sustain and encourage a bank of beneficial insects and to protect a variety of wildlife habitats.